Last Minute Applicants

As every candidate is unique and is assessed on their own merits and capabilities there is no hard and fast rule regarding the cut-off point for applications on each course. If you have only just discovered the course or your circumstances have only just recently changed then please do apply as we do welcome late applicants, providing there are spaces available.

The decision as to whether to accept you on the next course does depend upon on a number of factors. Every accepted candidate must complete quite a weighty Pre-Course Task which has been designed by Cambridge to ensure that trainees have done as much preparation, research and background reading as is possible before the course commences. This work has to be handed in on Day One of the course to evidence that the preparation has in fact been done to the best of the candidates´ ability.

As a result, last minute candidates are also assessed on the basis that they will be able to complete this work thoroughly in whatever time remains and this will largely depend upon their own resourcefulness, ability to learn under pressure and development areas as identified from the application process.


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