IELTS Exam Preparation 13th Decemberlearning-ielts-in-your-country-top_image

Course Options are:

Option 1 – 10 hours:

Exam Training only. An intensive one week course to familiarise you with the parts of the exam, exam techniques for success and example papers.

Option 2 – 20 hours:

As above but with added fluency practice to help prepare you even more for the speaking component of the exam.

Option 3 – 72 hours:

A month intensive comprising Modules to assist your English Language Learning in terms of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation whilst also working through typical examples of exam papers. Fluency and Accuracy practice to help you prepare for the speaking component. Exam training and skills for all exam papers. Development of listening and reading subskills to help you learn how to read and listen quickly and efficiently to improve exam performance. Varied and extensive practice of typical exam papers.


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