Where is the CELTA course held?

Our CELTA is held on the beautiful sub-tropical island of Gran Canaria and our centre is in the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. You can find us at Calle Perojo, 9, 35003 which is right beside the historic old town and shopping district, Triana.

Coming from the Airport


You can take a taxi from the airport which should cost you between 25 to 30 euros depending on how much luggage you have (there is a luggage surcharge). Remember to check the price before getting into the taxi and although everyone is very trustworthy here, I would advise you to take laptops and handbags in the cab with you. Just give the taxi driver the address Calle Perojo, 9 and they will know where to take you.


Alternatively, take the number 60 blue GLOBAL bus from the first floor exit of the airport. Be careful here as there are two stops side by side…one for the North and one for the South. You need to stand at the far right stop for the North and take the number 60 (labelled Santa Catalina) to the San Telmo bus station and bus tickets are about 2 euros 60 for a single. There is a compartment on the bus for you to put your luggage; just remember to place your luggage in the compartment for San Telmo not Parque Santa Catalina. The buses are every 30 minutes, even at the weekend and are very reliable and comfortable. The bus drivers do speak some English so speak slowly and calmly if you need to ask them anything. A smile goes a long way here!

Local Directions

Once at San Telmo, walk through the station which lies underneath a main road and come up on the other side into Parque San Telmo (San Telmo Park). Walk to the far right opposite Hotel Parque San Telmo and cross the road so you are in front of the hotel. Then, walk straight up that road, passing the park on the left hand side where you will see a small kiosk at the top right hand corner of the park, before crossing the road and continuing straight up. Go straight on until you come to Calle Perojo which you will turn right into and then walk along a couple of metres until you see the Irish Academy on the left hand side of the road at number 9.


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