What are the Centre Opening Hours?

The training centre opens at 08:30 so you can come in and start preparing and closes at 21:00 to give you access to the facilities you need to plan and prepare your classes.

What are the Facilities like?

Facilities include WIFI throughout the school, three classrooms with whiteboards and projectors in each and CELTA trainers on-site between 08:30 and 19:30.

The CELTA workroom or hub has a dedicated photocopier, two printers, stationery boxes for your group so you don’t need to buy any, and a well-stocked library with all the required books from the reading list along with the coursebooks and audio CD’s you need to teach your two levels. We have also put in a microwave and tea and coffee making facilities in the hub, to help you eat healthily and economically.

In addition, there is a light and airy patio with seating and tables where you can eat and work and a hot drinks machine to keep you going through the long day.


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