Good question, and well might you ask!

If you break it down really simply, it means you’re getting world class tutorage for about 76 euros per day. In any other industry or business sector, intense training of this nature would cost around 200-300 euros per day.

And providing that you pass the course, you will have a CELTA certificate.

Let’s have a look at what else some of our ex-CELToids got from the course…

  • 160 hours of Training and Continuous Assessment
  • Dedicated Support and Advice from our University of Cambridge Trainers
  • Constructive Criticism and Lesson Planning
  • Learning How to Work under Pressure
5 6
  • Increased Confidence in Teaching Practice: 6 Hours of which are Cambridge Assessed.
8 7
  • Ongoing Support and Jobs Advice through your CELTA network


  1. Your Cambridge Exam entry fee paid.
  2. Experience of teaching at two different levels e.g. Elementary and Intermediate
  3. The principles of effective teaching.
  4. A wide range of practical skills for teaching English to adults.
  5. Valuable experience giving practical classes to two different levels, e.g. elementary and intermediate.
  6. The CELTA accreditation and complete references.




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