Finding out if you have been accepted

Life is too short to be sitting around worrying or thinking about whether your application is good enough or not, how you’re going to pay for the course or what studying you think you’ll need to do beforehand. So we try to take the anxiety out of it all by responding to you quickly and honestly and with detailed pointers of what we think you could swot up on before the course begins.

You’ll either be told at the interview itself or within 24 hours of the interview. This is always followed up by a formal email of acceptance from the CELTA trainer conducting the interview and then with an email from the Director, detailing how you to pay the deposit.

So… from the minute you press send on your application email, you will have had your application reviewed, been interviewed and then informed whether you have been successful or not within 5 working days.


How to Apply —- Initial Contact —- Application form and Pre-Interview Task —- Sample Pre-Interview Task 

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