What are the final grades?

The entire continuous assessment process of teaching practice, written assignments and attitude and professionalism is reviewed at two tutorials at key stage points of the course before being rolled up into a final grade awarded by the Cambridge tutor and verified by the external Cambridge Assessor.

The possible grades are as follows; Standard Pass, Pass B, Pass A and in exceptional circumstances a Below Standard grade resulting in a Fail or Trainee Withdrawal. This is worth mentioning as although it does not occur frequently (an approximate 10% of candidates globally), it can happen on occasion and it is worth noting that in this situation, all monies paid are non-refundable as the participant has attended the course.

Of the remaining 90% who pass, the standard pass is the most common result for all candidates, a B pass is achieved by an approximate 30% of candidates worldwide and an A pass does exist although this is only achieved by around 10% of CELTA candidates globally.

We explain this upfront as we like to set clear and realistic expectations so trainees do not put themselves under undue pressure.

Therefore, finishing the course on a standard pass is industry standard and acceptable to all schools, academies and centres you may find yourself applying to.



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